STJBC 2024 Planning

To request calendar changes and/or copies, please email; thank you!

Vacation Request Form

All employees seeking to use vacation time must complete and submit a vacation request form for review and approval.  ALL vacation requests must be submitted no later than two full weeks before the stated begin date of requested vacation period.  If timeframe is less than two full weeks it will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

*Note:  No vacation shall be granted without the prior review and approval of this form by your immediate supervisor or the Senior Pastor.

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Budget Template

Building Usage Guidelines

Guidelines for using keys and room access.

Expense Request/Reconciliation

Use this form to request funds for events and purchases or to submit invoices and receipts. Expense requests must be submitted by Wednesday of the week by close of the business day. Any requests after this time will move to the following week for approval.
All purchase receipts are due 10 days or sooner after purchase. If the previous month’s receipts are not turned into the portal zero funds will be applied/distributed.

Ministry Event & Support

Use this form to submit ministry event details up to and including announcements, room reservations for meetings, and staff support. This form is due six to eight weeks (the sooner, the better) before the event date or 48 hours before rehearsals or meetings.

Church Letterhead

Copier Codes

Ministry codes for the copiers can be found here.  Be sure to log out of the copier when done( touch the asterik * button).

Event Planning Timeline

Use this document to help plan an excellent ministry event.

Financial Guidelines

This document explains our process of utilizing purchase cards; processing registrations for events and other important safeguards.

Inclement Weather Policy

This document explains our inclement weather guidelines.

Itemized Budget Template

Use this document to plan your yearly budget by event, class, etc. Also, should be used as a reference for scheduled events throughout the year.

2023 Liability Release

If traveling out of the country or office campus (main and Squire Center) please contact the office staff for insurance documents to travel with you during your time away.

Ministry Roles Responsibilities

Opening & Closing Procedures

Please email the Director of Operations for a copy.

Purchase Card Resolution

This document is to be read and signed by all purchase card holders and those requesting a new card. If previous receipts have not been submitted the prior month, zero funds will be available until these are turned in to the portal.

Sample Invitation Letter

Example invitation letter for speakers or entertainers

Sunday Sermon Outline

In order to streamline our MediaShout script creation, we request all sermon notes adhere to the following outline, all notes are due to the media team no later than 3 P.M. on Friday.

Travel Policy

Guidelines for travel in the name of St. James Missionary Baptist Church.