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Job Summary:

Develop and implement a ministry to children under 18 years old which:

1.     Encourages the development of close Christian friendships based on trust and acceptance.

2.     Builds positive attitudes toward the church and its leaders, lay and professional.

3.     Provides a process for becoming a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ, who can disciple others.

Job Duties

1.     Provide leadership and lay staff development for the Sunday school ministry to children and youth.

2.     Develop and implement special Christian educational and service ministries based on current youth needs and interests.

3.     Provide leadership, recruit, train, and support the lay staff for a complete midweek children/youth ministry.

4.     Plan and implement special activities, such as mission trips, retreats, etc., for appropriate age groups.

5.     Develop and implement a plan to raise up High School youth into leadership of the High School ministry and other ministries within the church.

6.     Help to identify and encourage children and youth to consider full-time professional service to Christ and his church.

7.     Develop relationships with parents of involved children and youth to guide the whole family system as needed.

8.     Coordinate communication for the children/youth ministry with the congregation and the community through newsletters, newspapers, etc.

9.     The design, development and implementation of the children/youth ministry should be done to fulfill the objective of providing a ministry that is attrictive to both the children/youth of The Historic St. James and unchurched children/youth in the community.

Character traits, Experiences, and Skills (Candidates should exhibit the majority of these.)

1.     Candidate exhibits strong Christian character that demonstrates a close relationship with God through personal devotional, worship, and prayer life.

2.     Candidate realizes that God is always working, seeks to join God in His work, and is willing to make life adjustments to join God in what He is doing.

3.     Candidate seeks to minister to the whole family.

4.     Candidate can demonstrate the ability to recognize and develop leadership potential.

5.     Candidate has Christlike attitude that is accepting and inclusive of all the diverse parts of the body of Christ.

6.     Candidate has conceptual skills and can develop an idea into an active ministry.

7.     Candidate is Enthusiastic, High energy, Self-starter; Encourager; Visionary.

8.     Candidate has demonstrated success at various levels of development.

9.     Candidate has been involved in organizations or groups as a leader or participant.

10. Candidates are comfortable sharing the Christian faith with Christian and unchurched children/youth.

Responsibility and Accountability

The Ministry to Children and Youth will work with the Children and Youth Ministry Team in program design and implementation and will be responsible for completing all goals assigned to him/her. This position is held accountable by being under the supervision of the Pastor.



Bachelor’s degree in ministry/Christian Education or related work experience as a leader of Children and Youth

St. James-Squire Center

Outreach Coordinator FSI VISTA Year 1

Located at Squire Center
115 S. Willow Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Applicants should first make an AmeriCorps account here: https://bit.ly/3VxD5gh

Individuals shall be ineligible to work or serve in a National Service Criminal History Checks (NSCHC)-required grant if the individual:

  • refuses to consent to NSCHC;
  • makes a false statement in connection with NSCHC;
  • is registered, or is required to be registered, on a state sex offender registry or the National Sex Offender Registry; or
  • has been convicted of murder, as defined in 18 U.S.C. 1111.
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Director of Operations

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Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Located at Squire Center

Apply Here Administrative Assistant/Receptionist – Fayetteville, AR 72701 – Indeed.com