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To whom it may concern,

Please read this document in its entirety before submitting a facility request.   It outlines the requirements for the use of our facilities and other materials.  Please note the use of our pastor’s name and likeness;  our branded and historical church name;  church logo and website address is strictly prohibited and may only be used by permission for emphasis of promotion of church-sponsored events.  Generally, it is granted that the simple use of the name of our church may be used;  but only for the sole purpose of notification of the location for your event.   The use of the name St. James or any derivation of the official church title in no way implies sponsorship of your event unless expressly stated by The Historic St. James Missionary Baptist Church.   The simple use of our church name is defined as:

The Historic St. James Missionary Baptist Church
764 W. North St.
Fayetteville, AR 72701

You and/or your organization assumes full responsibility for any and all damage to St. James facilities and equipment;  the actions of your party and the outcome(s) of your requested event.  St. James cannot be held liable for any actions related to your event up to and including injury-related incidents/accidents to person(s) unless it is the direct outcome of faulty equipment used by St. James or damage and/ or loss to personal property up to and including automobiles, clothing , jewelry or accessories due to the negligence of a St. James member acting in an official church capacity.

Members of St. James are allowed the use of St. James facilities, for non-church sponsored events,  under the following guidelines:

“ Members” are defined as any person(s) on the active church database for St. James Missionary Baptist Church.
The first two hours of the event will be granted at no charge.
For each additional hour, a charge of $25 an hour will be the standard rate to the member and /or organization, payable to St.  James no later than 48 hours after the event.   This amount is not able to be pro-rated based on actual time over the allotted two-hour time limit.  The payment form is cash or checks only.

Non-members may use our building for a fee of $300.  A twenty-five percent deposit must be submitted no later than 48 hours prior to start of event.  Failure to make payment will result in the cancellation of your event from the calendar.  The payment form is cash or checks only.

Only St. James audio/video technicians are allowed to use our audio equipment or video equipment in the sanctuary.  A fee of $75 per hour is required for their services/person/hour.


These fees are required regardless of membership status for non-church events.  Personal audio/video equipment, i.e., laptops, tablets, iPads, portable sound systems, and projectors may be used in outlying meeting rooms only.
No political speeches, rhetoric or endorsements may be given in any area of St. James, unless all political party representatives are present and equal time, is given to each political party as recognized by current local, state and federal guidelines.

No offensive language or music may be used or played in any area of St. James.

No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in  St. James facilities.

Offerings may be taken for non-St. James events, but you are responsible for the collection and security of all funds.  St. James assumes no responsibility.

In addition, the use of our facility is limited to those areas specified by the requestor on the facility request form.   No other area of St. James is to be accessed without re-submission of a new facility request document.

Also, if the Fellowship Hall or Kitchen area(s), small kitchen in the St. James lounge or large kitchen in Fellowship Hall, are used a Kitchen User agreement must be filled out and signed at the completion of events in these areas and left on the counter top in the respective kitchen  area used.  A copy of the Kitchen User agreement may be found in the Kitchen Guidelines binder located in the kitchen(s).

The large kitchen CANNOT be used to cook food for non-church sponsored events.   Foods must be prepared outside of St. James and then can be brought into the kitchen for staging, warming, and cold storage if necessary.  No foods or drinks may be left over in the kitchen, freezer or refrigerator.    By submitting a completed Facility Request you acknowledge and agree to all terms written and expressed.  Thank you and have a blessed event!


The Historic St. James Missionary Baptist Church

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