St. James is partnering with Habitat For Humanity to build homes for individuals dealing with substandard, insecure housing or homelessness.  Our partnership is multifold:

1. We will work with Habitat For Humantiy to steer families to/thru the Habitat Home qualification/ownership process.

2. We  will serve on the Selection Committee (this committee helps determine who out of the pool of qualified individuals will receive the next Habitat Home).

3. We will partner with them to actually BUILD homes each year.

4. We will partner with them to pay off the mortgages of individuals who have received a Habitat Home.

This mechanism is funded through BE THE ONE, which allocates five years for fundraising, and at the 5th year we pay off at least one home built through Habitat For Humanity.

How do we pay off the mortgage?  One dollar at a time!

Every third Sunday of the month, we take up a special donation from our congregation.  All we ask for is $1.  Yes!  One dollar.
Now, that doesn’t seem like a lot, but a little goes a long way!  And yes, we would love for you to donate amounts larger than that.
The emphasis is on getting our entire church family and surrounding community engaged and show that it only takes a “mustard seed” to move a mountain!

So, are you willing to partner with us to help make someone’s world a little brighter?  We pray so! Look for the Be The One buckets during offering time.  You also can make donations online on our GIVING page or click below to be taken there directly.   God Bless and wherever  you are and whatever you do…Be The One!
Check this page and the WiRED ministry page often for updates and ways to volunteer at home build sites this year.