• Liturgical Dance
    Liturgical Dance
    Our vision is to use Sacred Dance to glorify God,
    minister to the lost, and edify believers.

Liturgical Dance Ministyr

Ages:  2 and older


Liturgical dance  is a ministry with a determined goal to reach the people through Theography (the study of God and dance), the wonderful power of praise, worship, and liturgical dance, giving all honor and glory to God.  Liturgical or sacred dance is an expression of our praise unto God and a weapon of our warfare.  God uses dance to defeat the enemy, break yokes, and set the captives free!

Rehearsal Dates/Times:

Adults(ages 15 and up): Sunday 1-3:30

Youth(ages 9-14): Monday 6:30-8:00

Children( ages 2-8): Tuesday 6:45-7:45

Praise & Worship: Tuesday 7:45-8:30

We are available to share in your worship experience.  To request us click here: http://www.stjbc.org/contact/forms/music-and-arts-request-form.

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