Family Development Ministries

Living Our Vows Everyday

The Marriage Ministry will encourage healthy marriages that glorify God by offering biblical education, practical relationship strategies, helpful resources, and fun fellowship.

Men Ministry

The Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Ministry aims to foster an environment that allows us as men to challenge and admonish each other to hold on to the faith; take our places as the kings and priests of our homes; and be rooted and grounded in the Scriptures.

Singles Ministry

We believe ONE is a whole number. So, we endeavor in the singles ministry, to emphasize the fullness that exists in Christ for the single person. We are NOT a DATING ministry or a WAITING TO BE MARRIED ministry! We are a ministry that is focused on living the SINGLE life to its fullest in CHRIST!

Women Ministry

Our Women of Worship Ministry exists to reach women where they are through the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to bring healing, peace and growth through the truth found in the Word of God.

Young Adults Ministry

The purpose of the Young Adult Ministry is to nurture spiritual growth in the lives of young adults, provide guidance and support to Young adults and establish an atmosphere that promotes spiritual connections.

LEGENDS Senior Ministry

The Legends Senior Ministry exists to show that the glorification of God and fulfillment of purpose exists at every age and stage in life! We have lived and continue to live legendary lives to the Glory of God!

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