Welcome to St. James Missionary Baptist Church


As Pastor, I would like to personally welcome you to the Historic St. James Missionary Baptist Church website. Our desire is that, as you navigate through the website, you will see our deep love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I want to share with you some very exciting news about St. James Missionary Baptist Church and where the Lord is leading us.  But first let me introduce you to our Mission and Vision. 


Our Vision Statement:   “To build divine people of purpose, developing them into champions of change for the Kingdom of God to win souls for Jesus Christ.”


Our Mission Statement:  “We will develop and enable people to grow into complete followers of Christ through the teaching of God’s Word, authentic worship and wholesome fellowship.”

We have encapsulated, into a short yet memorable catchphrase, the heart of our mission and vision:  Build. Develop. Win. For The Kingdom. 

God is precise on what He wants for each church that is open in His name.  St. James is no different.  Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we will accomplish our vision and mission through the following vehicles:

  • Christian Education
  • Music/Arts
  • Evangelism
  • Youth Development
  • Family Development
  • Community Fellowship and Hospitality
  • Congregational Care

These ministries are at the C.O.R.E (Center of Our Righteous Experience) of everything we do here at St. James.  We extend the invitation to you to come and worship with us. We welcome all people to experience the fellowship of our family and the sound teaching of the truths of God's word. We are a Christ centered, Bible teaching church. Our sincerest desire is to do nothing else than to magnify the name of Jesus, and to share, with others, His loving kindness and His free gift of eternal life.

Warm regards,

Pastor Curtiss Smith

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